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Get started with the digital marketing agency in Chennai to sky rocket your business in the digital world. Consult the expert digital media specialist from the cortex media marketing to get kick –started.

Digital Marketing Agency in Chennai

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Digital media marketing is in itself a vast ocean with various important aspects to work on. Branding, social media marketing, digital campaigns, SEO optimization, product/service branding, Website development, Creative content creation and a lot more fall under online establishment of business/service. All these cannot be a cup of coffee of a single person. This is when Cortex Media Marketing, a digital marketing company in Chennai comes into picture. Collaborating with Cortex Media Marketing brings you a team of expert in each field that takeover all the responsibilities and capitulate best results. Get in touch with digital marketing executive today by scheduling a meeting with us right away.

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What services will you get

Specialized Healthcare digital marketing

Our team is a specialized healthcare digital marketing company in Chennai and NABH certification. We take an extra effort and caution in creating content, posters and campaign such that the message is conveyed with at most care and sensibility. We understand the credibility of working with the healthcare care sector and share the responsibility of delivering the best, useful and factual information to the audience. Our strong adherence and commitment towards the healthcare sector makes us stand out from any other digital marketing agency in Chennai. We have so far collaborated with more than 20 hospitals and clinics to deliver the righteous information to the audience.

Digital marketing Analysis of current status

Analyzing is the most important step in getting the digital marketing process started. Only actual facts about where the client is represented in the digital world can be obtained through extensive research and analysis. Goals are established based on the analysis and target audience.

Digital Competitor research analysis

A clever combatant is one who anticipates their opponent's next move. To stay ahead of the competition and execute the best strategies and campaigns, it is crucial to understand and keep track of the top competitors.

Digital Strategy consultation

Our digital marketing team evaluates your online presence and develops digital strategies, action plans, content creation, campaigns, brand value, and brand building tactics.

Digital media marketing implementation

We have a team that will execute and manage the entire process, from strategizing to implementation, and then data analytics using data analytics tools to transform the campaigns based on the response/results of the campaign.

Personal Branding

Personal branding of the CEO, founder, or coach also plays an important role in the company's success and building brand value. We also explore and develop strategies for effective personal branding in the digital world.

Social Media Management

Managing social media handlers is not an easy task; it is time consuming and requires effort to manage and drive it towards growth. Our Social Media Management team manages all platforms to keep up with the latest trends, ensuring that we grow while providing relevant information through these platforms. The social Media platforms we work on are Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Sharechat.

SEO Consultation

SEO is the most important factor in bringing in organic traffic and revenue. Our SEO expert handles website optimization, SEO maintenance, testing and bugs in websites, keywords associated rich content, market analysis, Google search ranking, and so on.

Local SEO

We also specialize in Google my business and Local SEO service for providing visibility in the specified location of the clients.

Cortex Media Marketing is the only digital marketing agency in Chennai that specialises in healthcare digital marketing. We think that actions speak louder than words, accordingly our experience working with the best hospitals and clinics speaks louder than words. Get in contact with us right now for a free quote and consultation for our digital marketing services.