Event Management Company in Chennai

Cortex Media & Marketing is one of the top event management company in Chennai. Events are often an annual affair and providing the unique opportunity for an organization to reach out to, or rather reintroduce themselves to, all their stakeholders. You might be looking for a company that will help you organize such events and our team would love to assist you with that. Amongst the many events we have organized, and including medical ones, notable ones include Ped Gastro Update 2020 conference conducted by Indian Society of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition – a mid-term conference held every two years, in keeping with ISPGHAN’s agenda to come up with resolutions till 2020 - is without doubt the event where more pediatric gastroenterologists met than any other that year.

ISPGHAN Association Event Organization

ISPGHAN is a large medical association and as part of their professional development they have a convention every year where all the doctors in the fields related to Pediatric gastroenterology come together. The group produces guidelines and other resources that contribute a lot towards advancing technology in this field. The first edition of this conference was done back in 2019 and it had received national acclaim and around 1800 participation across the country. This was one more feather in our cap of successfully organizing physician conventions like conferences and symposiums. This Event brought cortex into the limelight as one of the best Event Management Company in Chennai.

Event Management company in Chennai under expert’s management

Do you know the secret to a great real conference or virtual conference? It all comes down to having an incredible team of professionals who already possess the knowledge needed to adequately handle all sorts of situations when it comes down to conferences and events. That's what we do! Here at Cortex, our event managers have a proven track record and they think outside the box so that your special event, no matter how big or small, will be just like you imagined it would be from the start. When it comes down to creating clear channels of communication for your company, there is no substitute for personal appearance on stage; so keep this in mind whenever you're putting together your next big speech or motivational presentation having Cortex Media Marketing experts by your side ( The best event management company in Chennai).

‘A limit is a challenge to be exceeded’. – A philosophy ingrained in our organization. So, we always believe in exceeding our abilities and surpassing the goals and milestone set by us for our clients. This is the motivation we follow to perform better each day for each client with utmost uniqueness and campaign stride.

Online Virtual interviews

You can connect with the best event management company in Chennai to hold a very smooth and fluent online virtual interview between fantastic interviewees and top achievers in any field, no matter where you are. We will ensure that your event is a huge success in both offline and online event organisations as long as you are willing to collaborate with us.